Not So Bad


As much as I gripe about transitioning into adulthood, parts of the process are kind of fun.

Running errands, for instance.

I mean, what other adult responsibility requires you to spend long periods of time focusing on a single task (driving safely) while also listening to music and/or audiobooks? There’s not much else that you can do while you drive, and driving is a necessity. So best make the most of it.

Also, voice practice. I sing in the car all the time. I come up with cool harmonies. I can sing and feel completely free to make mistakes.

The car is one of the few places where I can really get alone with my thoughts. I pray best while driving because I know I’m completely alone and no one can hear me but God (I enjoy praying aloud, and with my eyes open—duh, I’m driving).

And the car is the best place for uninterrupted conversation, when you bring someone along. Some of the best conversations I’ve had in my life, I’ve had in the car. All the two of you can think about is talking—and talk you will.

So perhaps being all adult and responsible has its perks, after all.


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