Remember Us?


Remember autumn?

Remember lockers and sneakers

Before they became hope chests

And high heels?


Remember birthdays?

Remember the party nights of October,

November, sprawled in an attic

With Scheherazade and her thousand tales?


Remember dancing?

Remember hardly knowing how,

But never caring, only knowing

The freedom of a wild twirl?


Remember stories?

Remember laughing over midnights

At who would marry who,

And who’d be first, second, last, or never?


Remember princes?

Remember schooldays, drawing our daydreams

Of blonde curls, sea storm eyes,

Wishing they’d walk off the pages.


Remember summer?

Scheming impossible schemes

Until dawn, sleeping when the moon slept,

Forgetting today was tomorrow?


Remember us?

Us five, princesses, ladies in waiting,

Writing our tomorrows, never believing

They’d really arrive?


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