You know, I should learn to stop freaking out. It’s a waste of adrenaline.

I was a little worried about raising enough money for my trip to Croatia. I could pay for it from what I’ve saved up over the last four years of college, but there’d be nothing left afterwards–and there are many, many expenses in my future. My immediate, tuition-paying, grocery-and-fuel-buying, insurance-paying future.

The snowball of worry was very small at the top of the mountain with my most immediate concern: the trip money. But that snowball grew and grew as I packed on worry after blessed worry.

I always know God will provide. My head knows. My heart rarely follows without evidence.

So it got its evidence. My trip is payed for. Not by money I scraped together or earned, but by money that was graciously given to me.

God takes care of me.


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