They are Us


Has there ever been a time when people weren’t picky about what was fashionable and what wasn’t? It seems like the human race has been persnickety about clothing ever since the fig leaf. Except that as time progresses, it seems like we pay more and more money for less and less coverage. That’s another post for another day.

Out of curiosity, I typed “80’s fashion” into the Pinterest search bar. What I saw astounded me—as it always does. Thundercloud hair. Prints that were blocks of primary colors. Side ponytails. Shoulder pads. Pleated jeans. Plastic everything. Legwarmers. Neon. Neon legwarmers.

In my mind, it all looked pretty preposterous. Fashion is as fashion does, I suppose, and even a dreadful hairdo or a dreadful outfit can’t keep a pretty person from being pretty. A lot of the 80’s models were lovely men and women—just aesthetically misguided.

But then, I look at what’s fashionable right now among my twenty-something set, and think carefully about what I see. Thick hipster glasses. Tiny fedoras. Leggings as pants. Painting the nail on your ring finger a contrasting color to the other four. Toms. Ugg boots. Yoga pants. The bang bump. Skinny jeans.

One of these days, my daughter will be doing a Google search on 2010’s fashion with her brain and will turn to me and say, “Mom, what were people of your generation thinking?”

And I’ll say, “Honey, I have no idea. I didn’t know then, and I don’t know now. I was a flower child born in the wrong decade.”

Naturally, I’ll be wondering the same thing about whatever it is that she’ll be wearing. What on earth is she wearing? Whippersnapper.


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