I can run again.

After my surgery in September, I couldn’t. One, there were three slowly healing holes in my abdominal wall that weren’t there before, and two, the organs that received treatment took way longer to heal than the surgeon said they would. I suspect scar tissue glued things to my core muscles that aren’t intended to be glued there. Whatever it was that went on inside of me made running a painful business. After ten minutes of running, I’d get gut-wrenching cramps and would have to stop.

All of that for the girl who used to run 3 5ks a week.

I’d try to run, but couldn’t do more than ten minutes. It was like my own body refused to allow me to coax it back to health.

But now, after months and months of waiting and herbal supplements, I can run.

I’d forgotten how much I missed it. There’s a simple, but inescapable challenge with myself to run faster, more steadily, longer, harder. And it’s excruciating. It’s exhausting. I’ve never experienced what dedicated runners call “runner’s high” where you forget about the pain after the first mile or so. Nope. Running always hurts while it happens. But afterwards, my heart calms down and my muscles unanimously agree that running was a good idea. I sleep well at night, I breathe more deeply during the day, and I have more energy. Short term pain, long term gain.

And I’m so glad I get to do it again. 


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