Two Drifters


I leave for Croatia tomorrow.

All—I repeat all—of my support came in. All of my support, and a little over. The Lord has provided everything I need for the trip, plus a little extra.

The thing about this year’s teaching excursion is that I’m not going alone. I’m taking my adventure buddy with me (he will have a suitable pseudonym as soon as I can come up with one). Having his company on this trip will be awesome because A) traveling abroad alone is lamesauce and B) he’s the awesomest human I know.

Funny story about that—I intended to bring four people with me this year. Three had expressed serious interest in joining the Croatia TEFL team, and were taking steps to come along. I asked AB to come with me (kind of on a whim, kind of not), and he said yes. Woo!

But three of the four I recruited decided not to come. One girl discovered that the Lord wanted her in a camp ministry this summer instead, another needed to complete the internship required for her major, and the third—well, I’m not really sure where he got off to. So that left me and my AB.

Tomorrow, we’re off to see the world. Well, not the world. Just Croatia. But we figure that’s a pretty good start.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be chronicling our travels from airports and our cozy hotel in the town where we’re teaching. I’ll add the disclaimer that I may not have internet access every day, so I may break my post-a-day goal during our travels. But I’ll write every day, I promise.



P.S.: (In case you’re curious, my Adventure Buddy blogs here. His writing is all kinds of awesome, so you should drop everything you’re doing and go check it out. If nothing else, at least scroll through to find his poems. Seriously. Do this thing.)


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  1. So excited about your coming two weeks and praying for you and AB to have an amazing, blessed, and profitable time of ministry and fellowship in Croatia. I love you both!

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