The best part of flying is the clouds. Clouds are simple structures: they’re more or less highly organized water droplets. Light shines through them and around them and they look pretty on long drives and lend a special lustre to sunsets.

That’s just from the ground. From above, they’re spectacular.

Clouds can be stories high, and you can only really tell if you’re at their level.Great fluffy monoliths that tower for miles. They come in droves sometimes, like an advancing cavalry of white horses or ships with their sails stretched full by the wind. The sunlight strikes them, and it’s suddenly clear why we imagine heaven as resting atop the clouds.

And when the sun sets, sinking feverishly into the horizon, it peers out from between the blackening clouds like the great round eye of a dragon, blinking sleepily at the airplane darting by like a housefly. The night darkened clouds become his bumpy back and he rolls over in his sleep, stirring up a field of stars that scatter above him in the sky.

You won’t see a show like that from the ground.


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