False Alarm


Hey, guys! I’m back!

Croatia was great. I taught English, ate awesome food, played my violin on command at random locations, and spent a lot of time staring out a car window at gorgeous countryside. Then on the way back, we got such an awesome tailwind that it knocked the plane into the past and landed on the day after we left. Wowza!
Just kidding. We haven’t left yet. We got to the gate in plenty of time to hear our flight had been cancelled. We got our whole trip rerouted, and we’re leaving today instead.


So instead of flying Lufthansa, we’re flying United. And instead of a layover in Munich, we’ll be landing in Brussels. I hear their sprouts are good this time of year, so that’s encouraging. We’ll arrive in Croatia 12 hours later than planned. At least we still have window seats.

These things do happen. And other people waiting in line to have their flight changed were having a worse day than my AB and I were. At least this happened here, in Anytown, instead of in Washington DC where we’d be miles from home and all alone. Since the confusion happened here, my parents could just come and pick us up and take us to our respective houses.

God knows what He’s doing. I am surprisingly calm about this whole kerfuffle. The last time I had a flight rerouted, I ended up being able to give the Gospel to a man I wouldn’t have met had everything gone according to my plan. All will be well in the end.


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