Home Sweet Hotel


My AB and I have settled into the Hotel. He has a room facing the main road, and I have a room facing the river. As I type, I am listening to the confusing sound of frogs quacking. Yes, frogs quack in Croatia.

We really have it made as a team. We don’t sleep on the floor in some beleaguered pastor’s living room for a week. No, we sleep in a hotel. The nicest joint in town, in fact. We are served breakfast and a huge lunch which holds us over until the next day (at least in theory). We get comfy beds with clean linens, hot showers, and plenty of room to spread out and settle in.

Of course, this is Croatia, and as wonderful as this country is, there are a few quirks to the Hotel that you won’t see in America. Of course, the fact that it wouldn’t happen in America doesn’t mean it’s bad.

There’s no air conditioning. Well, there is air conditioning—an open window, an electric fan, and many prayers for rain. But not the instant gratification kind of air conditioning.

The food is delicious, authentic, and hearty. But the Hotel is not an American restaurant. You don’t order from a menu. You eat what they bring you or do without. I and my intestines would prefer a large salad after eating nothing but white bread for breakfast for the last few days, but I’ll inevitably receive some variation on a theme of pork, potatoes, and bread.

The hot showers are always piping hot. In a country where all the water is heated in water tanks on the roof, finding somewhere where the water is always hot is a pleasant rarity. The trouble is, since the water tanks are on top of the roof, the water is always hot. You have to wait for cold water in the hot days. Tap water is hot. Shower water is hot. If you’ve over heated to the point of wanting an ice cold shower, you’ll just have to wait about fifteen to thirty minutes for the cold water. The shower is narrow and enclosed by frosty glass doors on a track. There will always be a puddle on the floor outside your shower afterwards. And spiders inside the shower that will require clever and swift eradication.

But it’s a nice place. The service is great, the scenery is great, the location is ideal (five minutes from the school and five steps from the river), and it gives us all and ideal place to rest when we’re not teaching and prep for lessons together as a team.

I’d give is five stars just for that.


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