How I Am


You ask how I am?

Well-fed. Today I had meatloaf and Spanish rice for lunch. The meatloaf had whole eggs baked into it, as if beef didn’t have enough protein. There was a side dish of what I call Croatian cole slaw, with is essentially shredded cabbage with vinegar poured on it. It was delicious, and there was even a real vegetable involved.

Healthy. Despite the lack of fresh veggies (for the most part, anyway), I have stayed active and I’m drinking plenty of water. I’m avoiding tap water for the time being, since there was flooding recently and you just shouldn’t trust the water when these tings happen. However, the floods have subsided, so I feel okay with washing my face and brushing my teeth with tap water. I buy 1.5 liter containers of water from the corner store for drinking and tea making (since I wised up and brought a kettle and a mug this year). So far I have not died of dysentery.

Cold. I never thought I’d say that during a summer trip to Croatia, but it’s just downright chilly outside. It’s rained every day that we’ve been in the village, which keeps the temperatures down. I thought we’d be lucky for weather in the 70s, but it’s dropped as low as 65 degrees so far. Honestly, the one year I didn’t bring a jacket or an umbrella…

Content. I’m in my favorite little village in the world with my dear friend. I feel foolish asking for anything more.

And apparently rather tired. I put my head on the pillow after lunch thinking I’d close my eyes for a little snooze before writing a blog post and working on lesson plan stuff. I passed out for two hours and missed the van taking us to the other town. I don’t teach there, so that’s okay. Four of us teachers remained behind, so I’m sure we’ll think of something to do.

So that is how I am. God has been good to us. The last piece of lost luggage arrived today (did I mention our whole team got their luggage late?), we have good students, and we are having a blast.


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