A Message to the Wandering


Hey, there.

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re the sort of person who blogs. You write to survive. You write to sort the things out that are all jumbled and muddled in your mind.

I mean, it’s possible that you write because you’re a blissfully happy person. I know some people who write from the joy in their souls not every so often, but all the time. I love reading writing by such people.

The truth is that such is not the case for all of us. Most of us write because we are trying to sort things out.

So you, fellow writer. Or you, late-night surfer of the internet. Or you, subscriber–and you too, twitter followers. All of you writing wanderers like me. I have a message for you.

Whatever it is that does not make sense at the moment will one day resolve itself in perfect clarity.

Whatever thorn you’ve got in your foot on your journey will be removed.

And one day the pain will make sense. You’ll see why. And the freedom that comes with the clarity is breathtaking.

If nothing else, learn from what has happened. Write because of it. Grow because of it.

Just wait. I can assure you, fellow wanderer, that it will all make sense.



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