Once upon a time, four children walked into a wardrobe and discovered a new world. They had many adventures, became rulers in the land, and grew to adulthood surrounded by enchantment. But when they left the wardrobe, they were children again, out in the countryside of WW2 England.

Once upon a time, I went to Croatia. Then I came back. Nothing had changed but myself.

Adventures feel like escaping time itself. Perhaps that’s the appeal. When you’re on an adventure, working hard or hardly working in a foreign land and operating on a foreign schedule, it’s easy to forget that time is passing. Two weeks feels like a month, or maybe a year. But when you return to your land of origin, you discover that it’s only been two weeks, and nothing has changed. You expect your friends’ children to be grown or for some part of the world you left to have changed as much as your adventure has changed you. But nothing has.

You fall out of the wardrobe, and you’re a child again.

In a day and a half, I will return to normalcy. I’ll go back to schedules and business casual and punching clocks. Back to humidity and day in, day out.

The great thing about adventures is that once they’re over, you leave the adventure with a fresh perspective. Suddenly you have stories to share. In the suspended time of your adventure, you have grown into a better human, if you’ve allowed the adventure to do what it’s supposed to do.

Adventures help you realize that life, after all, is the biggest adventure. Even punching clocks. Even business casual. Even day in, day out.

Adventures take Narnia and put it in your heart. That way you’ll remember to always be watching…you never know where you’ll be swept off to next.


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