How to Earn Gypsy Credentials


Being a gypsy should be considered a legitimate career choice. By “gypsy” I mean someone who lives minimally and maximally all at once–someone who wanders because the world can’t be left unexplored, but improvises to cover the costs of the road. I’m pursuing professional gypsying as a lifelong career, and I’m trying to get experience in the field however I can. Here are a few tricks I learned in my recent travels.

  1. Live out of a backpack for a day or two.
  2. Use your musical instrument case as a chair.
  3. Be conversant in a language other than your own. You make more friends this way.
  4. Forget to brush your hair. Remember that braids cover a multitude of hair sins.
  5. And forget about makeup. And washing your face. Basically just stop caring about what you look like and enjoy yourself.
  6. Do yoga in public places. Like a hotel hallway.
  7. Accept your BO. I mean, take measures to prevent it, but don’t be disgusted when it happens. We all sweat.   
  8. Read and sing by a river. Alone or in a group.
  9. Wash your clothes in a sink. Line dry.
  10. Sterilize water with a kettle.
  11. Eat what you’re served and be grateful. Even if it’s pickled beets.
  12. Use only one pair of shoes for two weeks.
  13. Sleep on the floor in an airport. Bonus points if you use a scarf as a blanket.
  14. Write. Everything. Down.

Adventures make you do all kinds of unexpected things. I can’t wait to learn more!



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