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Greetings, friends! I am not the Risible Rambler. I am Rizzy’s Adventure Buddy, heretofore referred to as her AB. Rizzy is on vacation and is suffering from internet connectivity issues. She asked me to write something here so that her cherished readers would know that she is alive and well despite her lack of blogging. I am certain that you’ll find it in your respective hearts to forgive her. She will doubtless find a way to access her blog again before long and your browsers/inboxes will once again be filled with ramblings of a much more risible nature.

This post is awkwardly short, so I will fill it out with a completely unrelated uplifting limerick. May you be inspired.

Sometimes our lives’ steps lead through pain,
But dark clouds can’t make us refrain.
If there comes a storm,
It won’t break our form;
It’s more fun to dance in the rain.


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