Travel Notes


If I could travel around the world and blog reviews of hole-in-the-wall local coffee shops, I would.

My favorite part about vacation is visiting small towns. That’s all we Ramblers do on vacation–we visit small towns, examine the merchandize of all the antique stores they have to offer, and we eat. We visit family owned restaurants. We spend hours in used book stores.

And we go to every bakery and coffee shop we lay eyes on.

I love locally owned coffee shops. I’m a Starbucks fan, but nothing beats the uniqueness of a non-chain coffee shop. I love the mismatched second-hand furniture, the well-loved couches, the odd wall art. I love the hipster clientele, the atmosphere of fringe creativity. The local coffee house reminds me of the earth-shattering intellectual changes that began over demitasses in London, Paris, Philadelphia.

If I could, I’d start a coffee shop of my own. If not a shop, then a cart I haul behind my Subaru. Set it up in a town for a week. Set out colorful lawn chairs and big shade umbrellas. Scatter flyers everywhere. I’d serve coffee from different providers every month and hire myself out to these providers to be a traveling advertisement. I’d time my arrival to sync up with outdoor performances by local bands. Park at the entrances of college campuses in the fall. I’d have to figure out the legality of such an enterprise, but I like the concept. If I ever have a career that (heaven forbid) anchors me in one place, I’d own a coffee shop.

As it is, I’ll just roll around and write about them.


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  1. We should open one together !! I’ve said many times (your cousins will attest to this fact!) that I would love to open a coffee shop / book store (old books, probably a lot of my own) / lounge area for reading said old books and sipping said delicious coffee / and a place for local artisans to hang or display their art. Wouldn’t it be loverly!

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