Too Soon


And tomorrow, vacation is over.

Monday I start my first big person job. I am grateful to have one–others are not so lucky.

I had a few simple goals for this vacation. One was to read a book–one that wasn’t a textbook, and was a novel of my choosing. I am two-thirds of the way through the first novel I’ve been able to touch since White Fange, which I read in April.

Another goal was to find salt and pepper shakers. My parents and I are avid antique-store perusers. Antique stores have tons of salt a pepper shakers, but very few would actually fit my taste. I found the salt and pepper shakers, which will be adorning my apartment kitchen table soon enough.

I also set out to find a quilt for my bed at the apartment. No luck there.

I didn’t intend to look for one of these, but I found a cool doormat, too. Mow my guests will be colorfully welcomed into our humble abode.

Another goal was to sleep a lot. I did–about nine to ten hours a night. I feel fantastic, thank you.

I also wanted to write a lot. I did. I wrote in a blank book. I wrote several pages. I’m happy with what I have written. The end.

And I wanted to hand feed wild deer. I did that tonight. They weren’t eating out of my hand, but one brave buck got within three feet of me nibbling on corn I had dropped. His head was at my elbow from where I was sitting on the porch steps.

All in all, I’d say this was a profitable trip. I feel well-rested, fairly able-bodied, and ready (sort of) to take on my new responsibilities.

Sort of.


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