Good Start


Here’s what I didn’t do today:

Blow up my place of employment through some tragic misstep originating from my typical first-day-of-anything nervousness.

Here’s what I did do today:

Spent hours hunting for missing books.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty good day. I found some of those lost books. And I got to handle books printed in the 1800’s. I even got to smell them.

I barely spoke all day long. Of course, people asked me how my journeys have been this past month. And there was a lovely conversation about Doctor Who and Thor (mostly Loki but disguised as a Thor conversation–fangirls, you know how it goes).

I visited my apartment, into which I’ll be moving this week. Here’s hoping I’m settled in by Saturday. Settled enough to go buy groceries, anyway.

And I managed to avoid sugar all day long. except for that slice of cheesecake. Okay. so I didn’t avoid sugar.

But tomorrow is another day.


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