Let It Begin


There aren’t any books on my bookshelves, but the kitchen is organized and clean. There’s even shelf paper in the cabinets. I even have things to put on top of the shelf paper: brightly colored dishes and brand-new drinking glasses, as well as food and mugs and boxes of tea and coffee filters.

I unloaded the two boxes of cookware that I’d saved from my late grandparents’ kitchen. It was a bit like Christmas, finding all the things I needed in those oversized cardboard moving boxes. Stoneware mixing bowls, vintage spatulas and mixing spoons, even a crockery pot to keep them in. There were baking dishes, pots, and glory hallelujah, there were two pie plates. My grandmother’s massive turquoise-green mixing bowl now adorns their dining room table, filled with our collection of fruit and sitting atop a brightly colored placemat. My grandmother would be so pleased.

I’m playing big band music in the living room, just for her.

I haven’t put my clothes away, but I managed to make my bed. The kitchen took longer than I’d planned. Of course, when I made my bed I realized I’d forgotten to bring my pillow. I always forget to bring my pillow.

We’ve got a coffee table with matching end tables. There’s a futon and a floor lamp. We’ll have shelves soon, once I put the kit together. Except for the bare walls, it almost looks like a home. Needs more color. Pillows and throws will do the trick. It’s beautiful, small, and homey. I love it.

My roommate’s out for the evening, and a strangeness fills my mind. Not quite loneliness, but I’m not sure what it is. I’m looking around at everything and I’m wondering what the future hold, and what my younger self would have thought of this.

Now “Moon River” is playing from the speaker on the end table, and I know I’m not alone, nor will I ever be.

It’s not easy to be excited, and it’s even harder not to be apprehensive about this whole “adulthood” thing. But regardless, I’m content. I know I’m where I ought to be.

And that’s enough. 


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  1. You’re right…Our grandparents would be proud. Made me smile to think of them. I’m proud of you too. Love you!

  2. Oh, this brings back memories of the fun of setting up my first “place”, the one that I could really call mine. Of course, my first one came with husband included, but I think the fun of settling in would still be quite similar! All the many homes we’ve had since have also been fun to set up, but there’s something very special about that first one! Your little home sounds lovely and I can’t wait to get back in just about 6 weeks and see it myself! Enjoy this new phase of life!!

  3. I agree with Sam’s Mom … this brings back memories of my first place, which was a tiny garage apartment on the other end of a connecting screened-in porch at Uncle D’s grandaddy’s house (my first “place” came with a husband, too … I was 3 months shy of turning 21). We had no bathroom in our little place, but had to traipse across the screened porch, through granddaddy’s kitchen and den, to their bathroom. And, I was alone much of the time, since Uncle D was in the Army stationed elsewhere. I stayed busy during the week commuting the 45 minutes daily to my job in the big city. Many wonderful memories abound of that little place, especially for those times Uncle D was delivered to our doorstep by the kind soul who picked him up hitchhiking (there was no money for airfare!) to come home “to see his bride”. Enjoy, and build lots of fond memories!. Love you.

    • Ah!!!!!!!!! It sounds so beautiful! I can’t wait to see it! Unlike the ladies above, I settled in my first apartment with roommates, not your daddy, but the setting up is fun, fun, fun! I remember my apprehensions well. Your grandparents were settling in also, in a rented house in a nearby town, having moved that summer from California. We all were a little scared, I think, as we worked on our new roles. So I think Daddy and I are a bit apprehensive as we figure out the empty nest here at home. We were lonely without you last night! I noticed the pillow almost as soon as you drove down the street, but rather than follow you with it, I knew I had to let you do without it–at least one night. And so it will go, knowing you need something, but wondering how long I should wait to offer help. I hope you won’t be too proud to ask! I was too proud all those years ago, and now I’m sorry I didn’t let my parents know my needs. I’m glad I kept my wants to myself, but I wish I had shared my needs. So I hope you will do what I didn’t and remain open to your parents rather than shut them out. We can all figure out this growing up thing, but let’s talk out our struggles rather than bottle them up! Love you! 🙂

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