You know that feeling when you have the whole world to write about, and yet nothing comes to mind?

You know that feeling when someone tells a ghost story and no matter how sensible you are you keep checking over your shoulder every ten minutes?

You know that moment when your cell phone isn’t picking up a signal and you go all baby Simba on it and lift it up in the air, like that’s going to help?

You know about the immediate urge to clean when the kitchen floor gets gritty?

You know the sudden urge to nap when you grab an armful of sheets fresh out of the dryer?

You know when you get a new appliance and no matter what chore it entails, you’ve got to try it out?

You know when they introduce a really nice character in an episode of a sci-fi show and you think, “Aw, I like him. I’ll bet he’s going to die” AND THEN HE DOES?

You know when you se a little kid expertly playing some concerto on the piano and you think man, I’ve never done anything with my life.

You know when you look at your collection of books and wonder if you have too many and then you know that’s impossible?

You know that feeling when you’re so tired you could sleep anywhere?

You know how it is on a Saturday night when all you want to do is listen to Broadway tunes and put together a shelving unit?

Well, maybe that’s too specific.



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  1. This was a very good read. Related to all of them except the end, of course 😀 Great post and very entertaining. It was a nice break because a lot of bloggers post this really long wordy stuff!

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