Happy endings are real.

I didn’t believe in them three years ago. I figured that life is just one hard knock after another. Then you die. And that’s it.

Nope. Not true.

Here’s where the happy endings are hiding: in the center of God’s will.

God’s plan for us is perfect. It doesn’t all make sense—not on this side of heaven, anyway. But it’s perfect. He’s not a malicious God. He aches when we are miserable. He wants us to experience all the joys He is capable of giving. And that’s a lot.

Does that mean life will always be a bed of roses? Yup. Hear me out: roses are lovely and all, but they’ve got thorns. There will be hardships. I know enough now that I can smell them coming.

But I also know that after hardship comes blessing. We learn from struggles. God knows this, and that’s why He allows us to walk through the dark places. He knows that we’ll come out stronger if we let Him make us stronger. He knows that unless we face difficulty, we won’t learn to lean on Him.

God is the Great Author. Each of our lives is a carefully constructed and beautiful story. No, that doesn’t mean everything will always be perfect, that nothing will ever go wrong, and that we won’t find ourselves heartbroken at least once in our lives. What it does mean is that God has wonderful things in mind for us. Gifts more priceless and more beautiful than we could imagine.

And when we walk hand in hand with Him, the happy endings will come. In the right time. In the right place.

I know this is true for me. And because God does not change, I know that this will continue to be true.

You see, happy endings aren’t endings at all.

They’re beginnings. 


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