Lastly but not leastly, life is a journey.

None of us ever stays in one place. Not really. Our souls march over hills and through valleys. We grow and change inside, no matter where our outsides take us.

What’s surprising to me is how crucial this blog has been in my journey. When I started it, I didn’t expect to have followers or subscribers. I didn’t even expect that I’d keep up with it. Definitely not for three long years. I didn’t think it would be all that important to me.

Nor did I expect to change so much. I am not the same person I was three years ago. I am a deeper person now. I have experienced more than I ever had before. I have learned more than I thought I could ever learn. I have traveled more miles than I ever dreamed I’d travel. I’ve met people I never thought I’d learn to love.

And I have written many, many miles of words.

My soul’s gotten a lot of mileage in the last three years. It’s been all over Creation. And I wrote it down. All of it. Not all of it’s on the blog, naturally. There are some things the internet just doesn’t need to know. But in journals and on scraps of paper and in the margins of my class notes and stuffed in little boxes are pieces of this journey.

Life is not static. It is dynamic. If it weren’t dynamic, then we wouldn’t be made in God’s image—we’d be trees or birds or rocks. No…He made our lives to be rich and full and steeped in Him. And that takes a journey.

To think…I’ve just started. 


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