These Days, Saturdays


I vaguely remember sleeping in. 

Now Saturdays are errand days. Thankfully, Saturdays also mean I get to wake up slowly and read a book while sipping coffee and eating breakfast in bed. Adulthood Saturdays don’t involve as much sleep as they have in my past. 

But Saturdays still mean fun. I get to play the grocery game. The goal is to buy enough food for the week for under fifty dollars. So far I’ve won every week. I have also lost weight. The two events are not necessarily connected. 

I also clean. Last week I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, including dusting baseboards and scrubbing in dark and mysterious corners. I was done in 45 minutes. Small apartment, fewer mysterious corners. 

It’s not exactly relaxing. But I’m not in an office and I’m doing something physical for several hours. There’s lots of walking and kneeling and squatting and lifting. Saturdays are one long aerobics class that i don’t have to pay for. 

I just pay for the groceries. 


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