Yes. Yes, yesterday’s post was late. It showed up the morning after instead of the night of.

Here’s why.

I wrote it. Then forgot to hit the publish button.

At least, i think I did. I remember hitting it. But I got up this morning and lo, ’twas not published.

To add insult to injury, the Undisclosed University’s Proxy filter prevents WordPress from functioning properly. Not only can I not insert images, but I can’t edit post details (like the publication date), and sometimes I can’t add tags. Basically, I can post text. And that is all.

Thankfully, my cries of distress reached my Adventure Buddy’s ears, and he went in and changed my post’s publication date from his computer, which is attached to a network that doesn’t prevent websites from functioning normally. Thank you, Adventure Buddy, for once again getting me out of a tight spot.

I feel like I should add a warning to this post. In the future, there may be more technical difficulties involved in blogging than I’ve ever had before. It may be difficult for me to post things, or things may turn out weirdly, or you may get phantom posts in your emails when i’m experimenting with what will work under the proxy and what won’t.

If nothing else, I’ll post from a Starbucks.


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