Why Cats are Cool (A List)


  1. They are the perfect foot warmers.
  2. They purr.
  3. They don’t require constant attention.
  4. They bury their poop.
  5. They are amused by little things, like red dots of light and boxes.
  6. They make funny faces.
  7. They are dignified, except when they’re not, and then they’re hilarious.
  8. They are self-cleaning.
  9. They are perpetually curious.
  10. All of them are different.

2 responses »

  1. Just FYI…. Dot is definitely channeling Spot. The last two nights and mornings she’s been fulfilling Spot’s routine: mornings she goes back up stairs after she eats breakfast and howls for attention. In the evenings, she forbids my tablet to be in my lap in favor of her presence. Last night I was busy cooking and preparing lunches for today, and I wasn’t in my proper seat in the den by the time she thought I should be. She fussed and complained until I sat down about 8:30. Very entertaining! 🙂

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