The Circle of Life


The students are back on campus. Once again, Undisclosed University is bustling with activity. There are new faces everywhere–beautiful people just out of high school, just starting their journey through the wilderness of College. 

I’m among them, but not. I’ve graduated, but I’m beginning another course. I’m still a student and I’m new to what I’m doing, but old to the environment. I’ve been a few places and done a few things. Even though I feel like I’m at the beginning of something new and grand, I’m looking over my shoulder at the new and grand thing I began four years ago. The thing the freshmen are just beginning. 

I wish I could take each of them by the shoulders and warn them about a few things. And encourage them about some other things. 

I’m the cat that licks its paws while sitting on the windowsill, watching the kittens chase after the beam of a laser pointer. I stare out of the window at the birds on the feeder and wish, my nose against the glass. 

Watching the freshmen mill around reminds me of why I wanted to stay here at Undisclosed University for my graduate degree. UU is a unique environment with unique challenges. I stayed behind for the degree, sure, but mostly I wanted to help the people who are just a bit behind me, knowing I’ve got a lot to learn, myself. 

And for the first time, I’m genuinely excited. I’m taking classes I know I’m going to love, I have a job I love, I’m surrounded by people I love, I’m situated in an area I love on a campus I love. 

I’m starting college again. And this time, I’ll be ready enough to love it. 



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