The New Saturday


Oh, so Saturday doesn’t mean sleeping in anymore? I’m cool with that. I get more done, anyway. 

Oh, and I need to be social? During the day? Hmm. Okay, I can handle that. That…that could be fun. Yeah. Fun. 

Shopping. Shopping on Saturdays. That’s a thing I could get used to. In small amounts at bargain prices. 

I’m still not going to the dining common on Saturday. That’s just too much. Especially now that I drive there, instead of walking. I might walk there for lunch when fall gets here. 

And I can’t spend all day cleaning. There’s homework to do, now. And plenty of it. 

But Saturdays are more than just curling up in a chair and reading, now. They’re more than that. It can be an active day, and I will survive.

Things got done. Good enough for me. 


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