A Little Bit of Both


 The apartment is great, but it’s got its downsides. Well, the apartment itself doesn’t have downsides, since it’s not a dorm room and anything it throws at me will pale in comparison to the challenges of a shoebox dormitory room. 

I have little to no cell service in my apartment. This is the fault of my service provider, not the apartment. 

The power went out twice in a row tonight. I’ll assume that’s a fluke. 

The air conditioner is loud. But, hey, it gets this place chilly. 

Very…enthusiastic neighbors upstairs. And the walls are thin enough to hear the neighbors’ alarms go off in the morning. And to hear their phones vibrate. Still, it beats the sound of girls screaming and running up and down the hall. 

Sometimes the shower water gets really warm. Sometimes it hovers right above lukewarm. But it never gets downright cold somewhere around 10:45, which is when I’d take a shower in the dorms…right after everyone else had used up all the hot water. 

But that’s all. Those are the only disadvantages I can think of. This place is awesome. I’m not here much these days, but it’s a wonderful place to rest my head at night, and I’m very, very grateful for it. 



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