I hab a code.

I dink eberybody on cambus id cubbing down wid subding. My boss had a code. Sub ub the kids I subervise had a code. Eberybody has had a code.

Eben me. And I take egginachea ebery day. My liddle lybmph nodes are swollen and eberyding. I’b gond through a whole bogs of tissues and half a boddle of Airborne.


Bud I’b had worse codes. Ad least wid dis one my head doesn’t feel fuzzy and I don’t feel sleepy…at lead not more dan usual. I’b been drinking lods of fluids and eading well, so hobefully dis bug will go away sood. Maybe eben by toborrow.


Ad lead dis id heppening now, idstead ub durig exam week.


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