Well, That Escalated Quickly


Grad school is great.

Number one, I have a part-time job, which helps me feel less like I’m spinning my wheels and more like I’m earning my right to learn awesome stuff by earning money to pay for the degree.

Number two, the assignments for class are more fun. There are more projects, but not group projects, which are the bane of my existence. Just a lot of little projects with some big projects due right before Christmas.

Number three, there’s lots and lots of reading, but not too much. I mean, this week I was only assigned one tiny short story (“Monday or Tuesday”) by Virginia Woolf and her book A Room of One’s Own, which I rather enjoyed.

Number three, a lot of my books are online, which meant I didn’t have to buy them. My teacher even sent us a link to one of the books. It’s Monday or Tuesday in the email. I’ll assume the italics are a mistake. It was a short story, not a book.

I’ll click the link to prove it to myself.


Wait a second.

Monday or Tuesday is the title of a whole book of short stories by Woolf, which includes  “Monday or Tuesday,” but also about ten billion of her other stories, all of which need to be read by tomorrow, apparently, even though the syllabus just said “Monday or Tuesday.”

Humph. Well, I guess those will get read on Monday. Or Tuesday.

Grad school stinks.


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