She’s Back


Autumn is never punctual around here. The first day of fall rolls around, but it’s still hot and muggy and the crickets are chirping and the cicadas are singing. This continues until November. That’s just the way Anytown is.

(Actually, Anytown tends to go through all four seasons in one day, but that’s another post in and of itself.)

This morning, however, I stepped out of my apartment building into cool, chill air and a mostly clear sky. The wind rattled through the leaves and made it sound as if the trees were laughing. The crickets were silent, having all gone to bed for the next few months.

I was wearing short sleeves and a thin skirt. Autumn, clever trickstress, had come on time for the first time in my life, giggling as she blew my hair and my skirt into tangles.

Oh, but I didn’t care. I threw my head back and laughed. I cried a little. I miss people and seasons. When they come back after being away for so long, the happiness pours out of my eyes in little streams.

Autumn’s back, everyone. Autumn’s back.


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  1. Autumn is an exceptionally pleasant and beautiful young lady, and I love having her around … just like some other young ladies I know!

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