Compare and Contrast


Freshman Rizzie and Graduate Student Rizzie are two completely different people.

Freshman Rizzie studied five hours for her first history of civilization test. Freshman Rizzie panicked the week before exams and every night before every exam. Freshman Rizzie agonized over every sentence in a paper.

Okay, Graduate Student Rizzie still does that.

But Graduate Student Rizzie handles academics a little differently than did the Rizzie of yesteryear. My mind is much more relaxed, so far. There’s only three classes to contend with instead of six or seven. I have a harder time focusing than i did as a freshman, but there’s a lot more for me to focus on, which can be worrying, but lets me feel less guilty for not being able to mentally float a topic for too long: there are so many important topics to float.

Graduate Student Rizzie has her first test of her Graduate Student Career tomorrow, and Graduate student Rizzie isn’t worried. I stayed awake for all of the classes and paid close attention. I kept on top of the homework and did all the assigned exercises. I’ve done okay on the quizzes so far, and the test tomorrow is going to be multiple choice, which is the best sort of test for this sort of material. I studied all night, and I feel as prepared as i can possibly be.

It may be that I’ll take the test tomorrow and feel as if I’ve had a rug pulled out from under me. But it won’t be because I didn’t study hard and long.

And I’m not worried.

That’s the difference between Freshman Rizzie and Rizzie now.


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