Dear Memaw and Papa,

I wish you could see this apartment. I know heaven is way, way more interesting, but I wish you could take a trip down ans see this.

Your stuff is everywhere. Memaw, I have your music boxes everywhere. And the kitchen is full of the tools you used and loved–I even kept your food processor, which, as we both know, makes the best cole slaw. Papa, I kept the potato bin you used as a trash can. That’s in the kitchen, too.

You guys had some awesome wall art. It was hard to part with it when you left, so I kept one thing: one of those autumn landscapes you had hanging in your hallway. It’s in my living room now, where I can look at it as I sit on the futon and read Virginia Woolf. It’s next to the window, which will soon have the same sort of view as the painting.

I miss you so much. I wish you could see the future I’m building on the past you gave me. There’s so much I want to tell you right now, but I guess I’ll have to wait. My one consolation is that I’ll get to tell you in person one of these days, and I’ll get to make you laugh again. Then we won’t have any reason to stop laughing.

I love you.


Your granddaughter


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  1. Awww…I miss them too. What a nice tribute to them. I so often think of them and wish I could tell them about different things going on. We’ll have a lot of catching up to do one day. We love you grandma and granddaddy.

  2. You actually made me cry, Miss Rambler, because I, too, was missing them yesterday. There are moments when my heart just breaks from missing them. I believe they are looking down on you and Sissy and her big brother with joy in their hearts at what they see. What a grand reunion we will have one day! Love you!

  3. There have been many things that I wish I could’ve shared with my Grandpop. He taught me so much and we were very close. He would have been so proud that I finished high school and that I am halfway through college now. He would also have been thrilled that we finally figured out what made me so sick for so long, and now I am better. I miss tinkering down cellar with him, I miss his hugs, and as I was born the day before his birthday, we always shared a birthday party, and I miss that too. I still have some of his tools, some of his leathercrafting, and his denim jacket that he so often wore when I would come to see him and he would hug me. That jacket is now my hug from Grandpop and it keeps me warm. See you soon Grandpop! I love you.

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