What would it be like to see for the first time after being blind your whole life?

The concept of “color” would be completely foreign. Any knowledge of a loved one’s face would have been obtained through the fingertips. You wouldn’t even know what you looked like.

Would you speak of fruit by flavor instead of by color and shape? Would you think of objects and places in terms of smell instead of layout or design? Would your brain paint pictures of how you perceived the world, even if your brain had no concept of line, shape, color, or light?

And then what would happen if one day you could see the world as it is?

How deliciously confusing that would be. Suddenly “red” and “blue” make sense. The faces you’ve felt are now as real as they feel under your fingers. Sunrises are more than warmth on your face in the morning, they are dazzling displays of beauty and brilliance.

Suddenly seeing would be walking from a world of limitations into a world of boundless sensation and possibility.

There are some who call my faith “blindness.” I am blind because I don’t embrace debauchery or agree with everyone I meet. I’m blind because I see some things as wrong and others as right. I’m blind because I use words like “debauchery.”

But my faith, my God, has given me vision. I see the road of human experience with clarity I didn’t know before. I know where the world is headed. I know where I am headed. I am unlimited. Because the sin, the blindness, has been removed, I am free.

Do I see perfectly? No. But I see.

And everything around me is dazzling.


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