Moving On Up


In other news, I have a phone that works.

I’ve had a phone. I’ve used Tracfone since I turned sixteen. That phone was the most exciting present I got that year, and I was very grateful for it. Now I could keep in easier contact with my parents when I was at school and coordinate rides when I went off with my friends. It was an exciting day for me.

The older I got, though, the more people I had to keep in contact with. And as other phones got progressively more advanced than Tracfone could handle, the more it cost me to communicate with others. Messages from my friends with iPhone cost double. Group texts used up about 2 minutes each for each text I got. And Tracfone’s coverage got progressively worse, with dropped calls, a billion dead spots, and dropped texts, each costing me a little of the amount I’d paid for a minutes card. Also, the Tracfone models are all very buggy, limited, and touchy, especially the last one I bought. You get what you pay for.

Then I heard about Republic Wireless, which offers unlimited texts and calls at $10 a month and no contract.

Unbelievable, I know, but I did my research, interviewed people who signed up, and decided to use my graduation gift money to buy a phone.

Now I have a phone. A real, honest-to-goodness phone. That actually makes calls. And sends text messages. And has a functional camera. And…and…it has a compass in the stock…and this thing which tells time.

I’m pretty excited.

I hope it’s not too good to be true.


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