No Time to Say Hello–Goodbye!


Guess what, guys?

No, guess. Just guess. C’mon, humor me.

It’s FRIDAY! The happiest day of the week.

I spent the whole evening eating food. Lots and lots of food. No dessert, sadly, which is unfortunate. I decided to go on a sugar fast right at the beginning of Baking Season and suddenly my dietary choices feel like an episode of Survivor.

After eating a lot of food (a lot a lot of food), I went and introverted for several hours and got ahead–that’s right, ahead–on homework for the weekend.

I’m a little sad that I got so distracted by Mrs. Dalloway (and Angry Birds) that I don’t have time to write this hilariously funny post that occurred to me while I was at the party earlier. Maybe tomorrow.

It’s Friday, folks. Party in your hearts, and have a glorious Saturday.


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