1. Eventually autumn will be here to stay.
  2. The no-wash method may be backfiring, because now my whole face feels like a greasebomb.
  3. I never should have installed Angry Birds.
  4. Stevia may not be as awesome in baking as I’d hoped.
  5. Related note: the first apple pie of the season has been made!
  6. The library is illegally cold. Absurdly cold. As in my fingernails turn blue and my joints freeze so I can’t type anymore.
  7. It’s amazing how long a big breakfast can last you. I didn’t even bother with a proper dinner, and I skipped lunch.
  8. My brain now automatically wakes up after seven hours of sleep. Why.
  9. Clutter makes an apartment look homey. Yeah. Homey.
  10. October is going by too fast.

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