I can’t get warm.

Now that’s it’s autumn, the outside is chill and crisp. Well, not crisp yet…it’s still muggy, because it’s Anytown and it’s always muggy here. But it’s chill and damp, which is somehow harder to bear.

I work in the library. The library is kept as cold as a cadaver lab so mold won’t grow on the books. Ironically, the coldest places in the library are where the fewest books are kept. Places like the area immediately surrounding my desk. I keep a space heater running just so I can feel my fingers to type.

As a GA, I work in the library and do my homework in the library. Occasionally I venture to class, where the classrooms are still mysteriously cold, and the amphitorium, which is a few degrees warmer because I sit in the balcony and heat rises. Still, I spend 90% of my time in the freezing cold library, and walk out at the end of the day into a wall of increasingly freezing air.

At the end of the day, all i want is a cup of tea, a hot shower, flannel PJs and about twenty quilts. By then, i can feel my toes again, and I can go to sleep.


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  1. Something I started doing several years ago: Right before bed, in the bathtub, run a few inches of the hottest water your feet can stand. Stand in the water until your feet stop tingling (they will probably turn bright red). Get out of the tub, quickly dry them off, and put on thick socks. This has helped tremendously with keeping my feet warm all night.

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