Well, then. That didn’t go as planned.

I planned on going to work for four hours, then doing homework for the rest of the day. I was going to work on my bibliography project and read the rest of To the Lighthouse.

I got off work (after four very stressful hours–the library was packed today) and then ran to grab lunch. I wolfed it down, then came back to the library to read. this lasted 30 minutes, and then it was time to go to a birthday party. Birthday parties are cool.

My fuel light came on, which meant I needed to refuel the car when i stopped at the grocery store to refuel myself. This added up to an hour.

I was already late to a study group for a test I’m taking on Monday when I stopped to look at my syllabus for another class to see what was due. Turns out I have to have a conference for my grad project in that class by the end of this week. Had I started said project? No.

So instead of studying, I worked on that project. For four long, cold hours in the library. All the while feeling guilty for not studying for the test on Monday, but what could I do?

This is the way that grad school works: you will always be in a state of guilt for not working on schoolwork while you’re working on schoolwork.

And that is that.


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  1. Ugh yessssss …. SO TRUE. Who woulda thought that I’d feel guilty for doing research for another project instead of working on the bibliography??? #WHATTHEGRADSCHOOL

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