Bone to Pick


Alright, UU proxy filter. I have a bone to pick with you.

I get it that you want to filter out the bad stuff. I understand and appreciate that. I don’t want to look at uncomfortable and hypersexualized advertisements. I don’t want to accidentally end up at websites that compromise my laptop’s security. FOr your excellent service and unending vigilance in these areas, I thank you.

However, comma, blocking 90% of WordPress’s functionality accomplishes nothing but to make me very frustrated.

I can’t post pictures. I temporarily could post some pictures from my phone, but it appears you have caught on to my ability to do this and raised security so now i can’t even do that anymore.

I can’t edit my own posts. If I make a typo, I have to wait until I’m hardwired into the network to fix an issue.

You block the my followers’ icons when they like my posts. I can’t view my reader or my stats page. I can’t look at my own media library, and forget uploading anything. I can’t even add tags from the old editor in the dashboard.

This is completely unnecessary. I understand from my fellow WordPress blogger on the same network that they have no trouble at all accessing all the features of WordPress. So what’s so special about me? Why have I been singled out for aggravation?

Was it something i said?


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