How Life Works


You do things. A lot of things. Some fun things, some not fun things.

You learn things from cool people. And you learn things from some not so cool people.

You make mistakes. If you’re smart, you’ll learn from those, too.

You meet a lot of people. People who are trying to do things, too. Some work harder than others, and some are pushier about their things than others, but that’s all it is, really.

We’re all just trying to live and do the things we love.

I think that if more people thought about this–that we’re all just trying to be what we can be and learn along the way–we’d get along better. Maybe we wouldn’t be as petty. Maybe we wouldn’t be so hurtful. Maybe we’d forgive more easily. Maybe we’d love more readily.

As different as we all are–and believe me, we’re different–at our core, we’re all just broken little people looking for Something Higher than ourselves. For real Truth. For Solid Ground.

It’s all the false paths to that Truth that cause the conflict.  


Ramble back at me...

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