To the Newcomers


Hey there! Welcome to The Risible Rambler.

It has come to my attention that some of my posts have been shared rather prolifically on Facebook, giving me a little boost in my stats and warmth in my heart. It makes me happy when the risibility gets spread around.

I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself (again) to those of you who just started following me recently.


Risabella Rambler is not my real name. Just thought I’d put that out there. I attend Undisclosed University and work at their library while trying to earn an MA in English so I can become a professional gypsy.

Why “The Risible Rambler”? “Risible” is a fancy word for “funny” that alliterates with “Rambler”, which is what I am. I absolutely adore alliteration.

I was a sophomore in college when I started this blog on a whim. My goal: write a blog post every day for a year. At the time I was taking very few classes that were related to my major (creative writing), and I wanted to do something that would force me to write. A personal commitment to one post a day seemed the best way to go about it. I wanted to write funny stuff, but inevitably some serious articles and (a lot) of kvetching sneaked into the ranks.

A year passed, and I couldn’t stop. I’ve written a blog post every day for the last three years. And counting.

I’ve written funny stuff. I’ve written short fiction. I’ve written a play or two. I’ve written poetry. I’ve written a lot of posts that can be summed up in the words “I’m too tired to write so I’m going to bed now okay bye.” I’m a Christian, which means I talk about God and how awesome He is a lot.

It was a college blog that mostly chronicled the joys and woes of being a college student. Now I’m a grad student, and I’m writing about the joys and woes of being…a grad student.

Well, that should bring you up to speed. Oh, also, I am 46 people away from having 1,000 subscribers. Tell your friends. Spread the risibility and the love.




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