That’s what I said when I checked my voicemail this morning. My mother’s voice played back to me and I heard her use the word “snow” after the words “cancelled because of the.”

“What?” I said aloud to my empty apartment. This is the southeast. Snow in November is unheard of. The last time it snowed before December was around twelve years ago. It snowed on Thanksgiving. A dusting.

But lo and behold, I pulled my blinds open and looked out over a little winter wonderland.

It didn’t snow much. Some areas got four inches. I got about a half inch. My parents, who live down the road a ways, didn’t get any snow at all, which caused them much disappointment.

And it was so. Very. Cold. Outside.

This is unheard of. I’ve lived here my whole life. We don’t get snow this early. It certainly never gets this cold this early.

What can this mean? What’s in store for us this year? A white Christmas? Dare I dream for a white Thanksgiving? Only time will tell.

I was thankful for an early taste of Christmas. I am eager for the happiest time of the year to go ahead and get here.


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