Why I Voted


You know what’s weird? People my age (20-somethings) are often the most vocal about what they want to see changed in this country, but we’re the least likely to actually go out and vote.

I voted primarily to counter that statistical stereotype. This country is not theoretical to me. It is not a classroom project. It is my home. I am a part of this dysfunctional family, and I can contribute to the change I hope to see. The way America (should) work is by letting its people call the shots, not the politicians. The politicians (should) do what I say. And how will they do what I say…unless I tell them what I want?

Yes, I’m aware that this is a very, very simplistic view of the political system. I’m a simple soul. I know that my vote is one out of hundreds and thousands of others. My vote may not tip the scale either way. I know.

I voted because I will not give up. If everyone believed that his or her voice did not matter, if no one spoke up about their beliefs, if no one exercised the privilege of having a say…then we’d all be sheep, aimlessly wandering, following closely what our peers decide to do, surrounded by wolves.

I voted because I may not be able to do much–I’m a blogger with not even a thousand followers, putting herself through grad school on a hope and a prayer–but I have the power to do two things. I can cast a ballot. And I can pray.

So I did.


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