November: 1, Rambler: 0


Five hours of sleep will never, ever be enough. Nope. Not for this little blogger.

There are brave souls who can make it through the day on four hours of sleep and a cup of coffee and still be nice, but that person, that brave soul, is not me.

I can face the world as bravely as possible, smile as much as i want, and even accomplish a lot of things and stay alert in all of my classes, but if I’ve only gotten five hours of sleep, on the inside, I will panic.

At everything.

(I’ve gotten the art of hiding the true extent of my panic from people. I’m honest enough to let people know I’m stressed out, and I do, in fact, act stressed out. But I do not (always) act as stressed as I feel. I reign about 90% of it in. People see the remaining 10% and think I’m overreacting. Bonus: I can make the 90% of the panic end over about ten minutes and/or a two-mile run. I think I’m doing pretty well, thank you.

Of course, now that my secret’s out there, on the internet and stuff, it will come back to bite me.)

Perhaps it’s only fair to warn those of you who know me in real life. If I’ve had very little sleep, it will take me twice as long to process things. Twice as long to calm down. Half the time before I get a little teary and/or go find my mom, who gives the best hugs and advice.

That’s that, folks. Monday won this round, but I’ll be back for more tomorrow.


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