A Thousand Thoughts, Condensed to Ten


  1. “Say Something” has got to be the saddest song I have ever heard. If I were laughing so hard that I floated to the ceiling, and if anyone wanted to get me down, all they’d have to do is play that song, and I’d sink like a stone.
  2. Looking at emails set aside in an archive folder is a particularly dangerous business.
  3. It is astonishingly difficult to write about grammar.
  4. It is also astonishingly difficult to take a test about grammar, especially if that test mostly covers structuralism.
  5. Why is it suddenly summer? Again? Don’t you think we had that for quite long enough?
  6. I should take my journal from my junior year of college and turn it into a novel. Fictionalize my life. Like Katherine Ann Porter.
  7. Maybe I should do the dishes. Instead of writing a paper about grammar.
  8. You know what would be great? If my face stopped thinking I am an adolescent and would stop breaking out. That would be fantastic.
  9. it can be Thanksgiving now. I wouldn’t complain.
  10. I’m beginning to think I should be doing my 20-page-behemoth-from-the-Netherworld paper on Katherine Ann Porter. But it is too late. I have resigned myself to Virginia Woolf.

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