I’ve almost written a whole paragraph about the use of the mandative subjunctive in the English language on both sides of the pond.

That’s not really how I’d like to be spending my evening. Thankfully, I am the queen of taking breaks.

I write a sentence, then go for a glass of water. I’ll write another sentence, then look at pictures of fluffy baby animals on the internet. I’ll write two sentences, feel particularly accomplished, and then treat myself to a funny video.

I don’t have as much written as perhaps I should, but I feel so relaxed. More relaxed than I’ve felt in days, which is what Friday is for, after all.

And all I want to do is sleep, which I can’t do so long as I’m trying to write a paper.

I’ll allow myself one night of quasi-productive therapy. A little reading, a little writing, a little food, a little tea, a little mind wandering, and then to sleep.


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