Borax in the Bathroom


The ants have come in from the cold.

The first morning of really cold weather, my roommate noticed a small cluster of tiny black ants beside our toilet. The cold snap had led them to seek sustenance in warmer climes.No biggie; we squished them and left them behind as a warning to other possible intruders.

Our warning went unheeded, however. An hour later, their numbers had doubled.

For the last few days, their activity has been confined to the bathroom. Today, however, I noticed they had infiltrated the kitchen. The bathroom, I could tolerate. But what precious little food I have I am unwilling to share with insects.

Apparently this is a common problem in our apartment complex. Some of our neighbors are our classmates, and they offered us weaponry with which to initiate chemical warfare on our invaders.

Now our kitchen smells like lemon-scented Raid, and there’s a trail of powdered boric acid leading from the shower seal to an ambiguous spot in the middle of the kitchen. With any luck, the little menaces will take the powdered acid back with them on their boots and poison their comrades back at their anthill.


Hopefully the malicious eradication of ants is the limit of my inhumanity.


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  1. YUCK! I would definitely report the problem to Mrs. Scott, your property manager. It is their responsibility to keep the beasties at bay. Some professional strength chemicals might be in order!

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