I am grateful for salvation, a God who loves me, and a relationship with Him.

I am grateful for my parents, who made my childhood magical.

I am grateful for my sisters, my closest and dearest friends.

I am grateful for my Adventure Buddy, who flew with me to the moon and back and makes every day an adventure.

For a loving and delightful extended family.

For the highest possible quality of education for my entire life.

For being raised in this country. It’s a good country, and I love it, warts and all.

For regained health.

For a strong body.

For all the items checked off my bucket list.

For miles of happy memories.

For wonderful pets, past and present.

For books.

For a fantastic job that I enjoy and pays my school bills.

For a nice apartment.

For an awesome roommate.

For food.

For the bumps on the road in my past.

For happy endings I never foresaw.

For laughter.

For libraries.

For Broadway musicals.

For technology.

For electricity.

For sleep and plenty of it.

For the Christmas season…which has finally arrived.


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