It Has Begun


Yes, my blog is snowing. It surprised me, too.

What doesn’t surprise me is the frasier fir that has planted itself in my living room. Or the Santa figurines all over the den. Or the sound of the Karen Carpenter crooning “White Christmas” from the speakers on our bookshelves.

Yes, folks, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Irony: I won’t get to enjoy most of it because I’ll be locked away in my apartment frantically throwing together the last three projects. So I get to enjoy Christmas in two weeks, but not right now.

Well, maybe right now. Right now I’m on the World’s Comfiest Couch, looking at a beautiful Christmas tree, surrounded by familiar decorations and all the memories that come with them. Distant, for the time being, from all the things that will have me tearing my hair out in the next few days.

May your days be merry and bright. Merrier and brighter, at least, than mine will be in the next several days.


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