Still Still Furiously Writing


The body of the paper is done. It is 5,145 words long.

What remains is the introduction and conclusion, which will probably add up to around 600 words or more.

My brain was so tired I took a break…to do all the homework I’ve been missing because I’ve been working on this paper. And to write this blog post. The thought was that if I write my blog post early, that will streamline my intro/conclusion writing this evening when I get back from work at 10:30.

Because nothing makes me work harder than the last minute.

I’ve reached the word goal, though, which was more than I ever dreamed I’d be able to do a week ago. I didn’t even have an outline. I’d only done half my research. I had a billion other things on my mind.

What a week can do, huh?

Last week, the Bibliography of Death; this week, the Big Bad Woolf; next week, Exams.

Onwards and upwards.


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